ZAPtime - Easy. Fast. No obligations.

You'd like to have your own game server - but without long-term obligations?
If so, ZAPtime is perfect for you. With ZAPtime, you can rent a server just when you need one. It will be made available immediately so that you can start playing on it right away.

ZAPtime offers maximum flexibility. You can pay via PayPal, ec card, phone or mobile phone. Thanks to our prepaid system, you're only paying for the timeframe which you reserved the server for.
And if your time ran out but you want to continue using it, that's no problem at all: You can extend the rental period anytime.

Of course, the ZAPtime game servers also have ZAPprotected cheat protection; they can be used for matches in the Electronic Sports League without worries.
Tiresome server searching before league matches is a thing of the past.

ZAPprotected - Fair playing conditions for everyone.

ZAPprotected makes sure that a server is configured in a way that provides equal conditions for all players.
Server-side cheats are eliminated because the system prevents even the slightest change that is not compliant with the standards established in online leagues from taking effect.
With the IP of the server, everyone can check if there is an active protection from unfair modifications of the server settings - it only takes a few seconds.